Belgravia News August 03, 2017

Belgravia Group Changes the Way Condos Live in River North

Chicago Agent Magazine interviews Buzz Ruttenberg, Founder of Belgravia Group, for The Neighborhoods Issue.

In the past, homebuyers have been willing to sacrifice physical space in order to be closer to downtown where the energy exists. According to Belgravia Group founder, Buzz Ruttenburg, attitudes have changed toward condo living. In the early 2000s, homebuyers moved toward studios - two-bedrooms. In recent years, this isn't the case. "At the same time, we've seen a lot of families who have former homes in the suburbs, wanting to move back to the city because of the dynamic energy that exists."

The answer is developing three-bedroom residences that are built to live like single-family homes and Belgravia Group is doing just that with Renelle on the River. To read more about changing the face of the River North neighborhood, read the full story here.