Art Institute Endowment
Belgravia News January 16, 2018

Ruttenberg Honors Parents' Legacy with Art Institute Endowment

Founder of Belgravia Group, Buzz Ruttenberg, and his brother, Biff Ruttenberg, honor their parents' legacy with a gift to the Art Institute of Chicago: endowing the Ruttenberg Associate Curator of Photography and an exhibition series dedicated to emerging photographers, the Ruttenberg Contemporary Photography Series.

David and Sarajean Ruttenberg supported emerging artists and were the first donors to endow a photography gallery at the Art Institute of Chicago. 

"Buzz and Biff have kept their parents' focus on encouraging under-recognized artists while adding essential support to develop curatorial talent" says Matthew S. Witkovsky, Richard and Ellen Sandor Chair and Curator of Photography. 

"It was important to them, and it is important to us" says Buzz Ruttenberg.

Art Institute Endowment

Michal Raz-Russo, Ruttenberg Associate Curator, with Buzz and Biff Ruttenberg in Leigh Ledare: The Plot, the second presentation in the Ruttenberg Contemporary Photography Series