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Customer Care Manager

Adam Pritchard

Adam was born in Phoenix, Arizona and at an early age knew he was going to be in construction. His attention to detail and his “light” OCD when it comes to doing it right was evident right from the start. Although he just tinkered with all stuff at an early age, his love for building, creating began to expand while he was a teenager. He started his career in Architecture but moved on to learn from skilled masters at their respective crafts (wood, plumbing, finish carpentry, etc.) and absorbed the techniques and skills needed like a sponge. When he graduated high school, he started learning architecture and knew immediately that building and creating was his passion. In order to further his interests and gain valuable knowledge, he moved to Canada for 8 years and honed his skills. While in Canada, Adam became a “Master Craftsman”, working with wood, metal, etc.. His custom home building skills were off the charts and was highly respected in the home building community. In 2017, Adam was sick of the snow, cold, moose, beavers, etc that Canada is known for and was homesick so moved back to the valley. He currently lives in Fountain Hills with his wife and 2 dogs.