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Belgravia Group
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Design Coordinator

Maria Zambrano

Maria is an award-winning interior designer. Maria was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She grew up in a family with multicultural disciplines in art, architecture and design. These paths marked a trail for Maria to follow her passion in interior design. Maria remembers as a young girl learning about proportion, harmony, scale, color, pattern, texture, light, mass etc. For many years on Friday nights while growing up, her parents would host with close friends and a professor from the School of Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires a lecture on the history of art and architecture. Maria remembers falling asleep listening to those art history lectures.

Her extensive travel, sense of fashion and constant study in all disciplines of design has made Maria evolve in the discipline of design and making her win multiple design awards as well as being featured in the most prominent design magazines.

Maria has degrees in Interior Design, Architectural Technology, Crops and Soil Science as well as a master’s in business administration. Before launching her own business in 2021, Maria had worked for an architectural company and consequently for one of the most prominent interior design businesses in Arizona.